Frustrated by the online coaching industry hamster wheel? Ready to finally see actual results?

 You’ve tried all the strategies….
 You’ve taken courses and downloaded all the freebies…
 Maybe you’ve even spent thousands of dollars…
 And still… you’re not quite where you want to be.
Maybe you’ve gotten a few referral clients here and there…

But you’re becoming exhausted trying to piece together a system for consistent clients.

We all know that you’re over the lukewarm & confusing strategies that don’t move the needle in your business…

Like spending months designing a website that no one visits…

… and agonizing over a logo…
… or opening a FB group without a strategic plan.

Overall, if there’s one thing you’re certain about, it’s this…

You’re READY to finally get your coaching business off the ground with high-ticket clients so you can finally have the lifestyle freedom that you desire.

Let's be real...

If you’re anything like me, all you really want is to support your clients, get paid well for it, so you can have true time and financial freedom.

And I know you want a business that works and makes you money…

But it’s also deeper than that.

I know you ultimately just want to create true freedom so you can be traveling with your family or getting a midday massage…

… instead of “spamming” people on social media hoping they’ll buy your program.

I get it!

I know this dream feels so far away right but it’s closer than you think!

A short year ago, I would have called you crazy if you told me I would be doing what I’ve done this past year…

🥳 Have a $33K launch of a brand new program
🥳 Created an $18K mastermind and fill it with amazing clients
🥳 Made $60,500 in sales in a single month
🥳 Consistently sign 1:1 clients for 3K/month year-long packages AND having them pay in full…
🥳 Closed my 6 figure private therapy practice after 10 years

The Coach’s Launchpad is for you IF:

✅ You are an online coach, consultant or other expert who wants a flourishing coaching business without stress, confusion, unnecessary facebook groups, ads, fancy funnels, big email lists or having to create a million lead magnets

✅ You’ve been trying for a while to get high ticket coaching clients online and doing all the things but it’s just not happening as quickly as you want it to

✅ You are motivated and ready to implement

The Coach’s Launchpad is NOT for you if:

❌ Your aren’t willing to put the time into growing your business

❌ You aren’t willing to use social media to promote your business and are afraid to show up online

❌ You aren’t willing to challenge your old beliefs and adopt new ones

❌ You aren’t willing to have conversations with people you meet on social media

The Big Misconception…

Most people think the key to success online is…

❌ Running ads

❌ Building a huge email list and having tons of freebies or lead magnets

❌ Having a website

❌ Having a facebook group

❌ Having funnels, “systems”, and tons of automation

But really, here’s THE most important part:

Figuring out and be crystal clear on:

✅ WHO you help

✅ HOW you help them and

✅ HOW to communicate that.

Introducing The Coaches Launchpad™

The Coaches Launchpad is designed to help you get high-ticket clients through specific and targeted organic methods

Here's What You Get:

✅ Learn my simple yet powerful system to attract and sign high ticket clients with ZERO ad spend and in a way that feels fun and aligned ($297 Value)

​✅ Full lifetime access to the online membership area, with all the trainings in one place 
($997 Value)

✅ Learn how to set up a solid foundation for your online coaching business including links to resources ($497 Value)

​✅ Learn what you need and what you DON’T need so you can get down to business and get clients without wasting money and precious time ($297 Value)

​✅ Make the mindset shifts to set you up for success ($997 Value)

​✅ Learn my special workflow system so you can get more done in less time (this saved me when I had 2 businesses) ($397 Value)

​✅ Learn how to narrow down your niche and how to communicate clearly with your soulmate clients ($297 Value)

​✅ Learn where to find your soulmate clients and how to bring them into your world so you can start to build that all-important Know, Like & Trust factor so they will be compelled to work with you! ($997 Value)

​✅ Learn the different types of social media posts that have resulted in thousands of dollars in sales for me and my clients ($997 Value)

✅ Instant access to 9 masterclasses & trainings lead by my coaches & mentors who are all earn 7 & 8 figures online ($10k Value)

​✅ Learn how to create your signature coaching offer that sets you apart from the rest ($297 Value)

​✅ Learn sales frameworks that don’t feel “salesy” and how to overcome objections both in your content and on your sales calls ($997 Value)

​✅ Workbooks, worksheets & templates designed that you can start using in your business right away ($997 Value)

​✅ A special bonus training from my coach, Jacqueline Yvette, founder of the Neuromarketing Method™, on how to fill your paid masterclass and sell your higher priced offers like hotcakes at the end (This is worth $1k+ alone!)

​✅ EARLY-BIRD BONUS: Get FREE access to the “3 Day Niche Masterclass coming August 2021 (Normal price $47)

​✅ And Much More…

TOTAL VALUE: $18,000+++


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